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Country: France

Agricultural training school created by Audrey Bourelleau and Xavier Niel


Yvelines: the Hectar agricultural campus launches its floriculture training course 23/01/2024

  • In just over two years, Hectar has helped 115 farmers set up a farming project.
  • Hectar offers 60 places over two years to train future flower growers, thanks to a partnership with Christian Dior.
  • Hectar grows flowers on 5 hectares of its 600-hectare farm.
  • There are only 20 cut flower growers in the Ile-de-France region.
  • France imported 300 million euros worth of flowers in 2022.

Hectar, the agricultural campus, aims to facilitate exchanges between cooperatives and entrepreneurs. 28/02/2023

  • Hectar training center 49% owned by Iliad
  • Hectar start-up gas pedal welcomes 42 agritech start-ups
  • Goal of supporting 80 start-ups by the end of 2024

Danone and Hectar launch an organic farm 18/05/2022

  • Danone and Hectar have developed a pilot organic farm in Yvelines inspired by regenerative agriculture.
  • The aim of this farm is to propose a new production model that reconciles social and economic performance, the life of the farmer and ecological issues.
  • This model aims to adopt more sustainable and virtuous practices, and is based on a number of principles
  • 100% organic farming

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