Turnover: 2.19 billion EUR (2019)

Country: Germany

Hartmann was founded in 1818 in Germany. It was initially a cotton spinning mill and then the first manufacturer of wound dressing fabrics in Germany.

The company is present in the adult cocoon market under its brand name Molicare® or under its own name. The company specializes in the production of medical products and services, particularly in the incontinence, wound care, emergency room diagnostics, and operating room equipment segments. The Hygiene and Incontinence segment accounted for 32.3 percent of its 2017 sales, which in France, through its subsidiary Paul Hartmann, amounted to 390.6 million euros. Hartmann | [Hartmann |] Quarterly Report ]

In March 2017, Hartmann acquired Lindor, Spain's leading manufacturer of incontinence products, from the Procter Group

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