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Country: Belgium

Guylian is a Belgian company that has been making chocolates for 50 years

Founded in 1938 in St-Nicolas by Guy Foubert and Liliane Guylian

The company is world-renowned for its famous chocolate seashells.

In 1985, a production line dedicated to seafood was built

Guylian launched the Guylian Opus range, offering pralines inspired by the most famous operas.

All Guylian chocolates are made in St-Nicolas by master chocolatiers in a 27,000 m² production unit. The company employs around 175 people in St-Nicolas, and also has offices in the UK and Germany.

Guylian products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide

They are available in supermarkets, hypermarkets, delicatessens, gas stations and newsagents.

Sales of over 100 million euros

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