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Country: United Kingdom

Genius specializes in the manufacture of gluten-free bakery products.

With the acquisition of a gluten-free factory in 2013, the company has consolidated its leading position in the fast-growing gluten-free market.

Genius is present in supermarkets around the world, including the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.


7.5 million loan for gluten-free bakery Genius Foods 12/04/2023

  • Genius Foods was taken over last year by Katjes Greenfood, the investment arm of German confectionery group Katjes.
  • Genius Foods' retail sales fell by 5% to £29m last year, on top of a 9% decline in 2021.
  • In comparison, Warburtons' gluten-free sales reached £30m.
  • Genius Foods was founded in 2009 and its products are available in all UK supermarkets and catering outlets.
  • The company also has a presence in Europe and Australia.
  • In 2021, Genius Foods launched a range of breads baked with active cultures, a first in the UK. The range, including breads, rolls and buns, is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, while remaining gluten-free.

Genius Foods set to expand after securing £7.5 millionGenius Foods set to expand 06/04/2023

  • The company was acquired by Katjes Greenfood, a subsidiary of the German confectionery group Katjes.
  • Genius Foods supplies a range of gluten-free products to supermarkets in the UK, Europe and Australia.
  • Genius Foods supplies high quality products to the increasingly popular allergen-free food and wellness sectors in the UK, Europe and beyond.

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