Turnover: 125 million EUR (2023)

Country: France

  • The Galapagos family group, founded in 1990 as a cookie manufacturer, has become a leader in the premium cookies and traditional Breton cookies segments
  • Galapagos includes Gavottes and its crêpes dentelles Loc Maria, Alizé, Galettes de Pleyben, Jos Péron, Gaillard and Traou Mad.
  • 800 employees
  • The company also offers pasta and crozets through its subsidiary Alpina Savoie, which has a mill and factory in Savoie, employing 146 people.
  • In September 2020, the company acquired the Reims-based cookie manufacturer FOSSIER


Alpina Savoie and Heimburger taken over in full by investment fundsBuyout of Alpina and Heimburger by investment funds. 27/09/2023

  • The Galapagos Group has sold its majority stake in Aster Développement (Alpina Savoie and Heimburger) to Crédit Mutuel Equity and Bpifrance
  • The merger of Alpina Savoie and Heimburger took place in 2022.
  • Aster Développement, headed by Nicolas Guize, generates sales of 85 million euros and employs 260 people at its plants in Chambéry (73) and Marlenheim (67)

Galapagos: Alpina Savoie and Heimburger fully acquired by funds 16/09/2023

  • The family group that owns Loc Maria Biscuits has sold its stake in Aster Développement to Crédit Mutuel Equity and Bpifrance.
  • Breton group Galapagos owns Loc Maria Biscuits (Gavottes).
  • The merger of Alpina Savoie and Heimburger in 2022 brought together two regional pasta specialists.
  • Aster Développement (Alpina Savoie and Heimburger) has sales of around 85 million euros.
  • Aster Développement employs 260 people at its plants in Chambéry (73) and Marlenheim (67). Aster Développement has ambitions for growth in professional markets nationwide.

Galapagos Gourmet takes over Biscuits roses de Reims 06/04/2021

  • Fossier sales in 2020: 8 million euros
  • Sales growth target for 2021: over 20%
  • Growth strategy: increase sales via supermarkets, out-of-home catering and exports
  • Galapagos Gourmet Group: 500 employees
  • Galapagos Gourmet sales: 90 million euros

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