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EverEver, the manufacturer of sustainable dishwashers, launches a plant in Vannes 01/11/2023

  • EverEver invests 1 million euros in development
  • Investment of several million euros" in a future device manufacturing plant near Vannes in Morbihan, France, scheduled to go into operation in early 2025
  • The assembly line is designed to produce between 10,000 and 250,000 units per year
  • The first dishwasher model, called "Albert", was developed using around 10,000 prototype parts
  • Albert is designed to be durable and repairable, with an 8-year warranty and the promise of 20 years' availability of spare parts
  • Albert's repairability index is 10/10
  • 80% of components are made in France
  • The Vannes plant will initially employ around ten people, rising to around twenty if sales increase.

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