Turnover: 4 million EUR (2020)

Country: France

Digimood is an e-reputation agency. It has 4 offices in France: in Montpellier, Marseille, Paris and Annecy. Digimood works with 40 employees and a portfolio of 160 clients. It offers services in natural and paid referencing and also on social networks. These are mainly :

  • Facebook;
  • YouTube;
  • Instagram;
  • Tiktok;

Digimood was created in 2007 and is composed of senior consultants and engineers. It is an agency that helps to protect and control its online image. Its service is entirely dedicated to e-reputation management

It has professional monitoring tools, it analyzes the digital identity of a company's sector of activity and it is possible to take legal action thanks to Digimood (In the event of defamation or denigration, it is possible to go through Digimood to benefit from its lawyers).

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