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Country: France

Cookies Delatre is a Belgian cookie brand belonging to the United Biscuits group. In 2014, this group was acquired for 2.6 billion by the Yildiz group, Turkey's leading agrifood company. In 2016, Ferrero acquired Delacre from Yildiz.


Delacre diversifies its range 05/05/2023

  • Five new products: two traditional cookies and three cookie recipes
  • Intensément caramel and Sablé dark chocolate: €2.49 for 130g
  • Three cookie references: Classique aux noisettes, Double chocolat, Triple chocolat: 2.49€ for 136g
  • Ferrero acquired Biscuiterie Delacre in 2016
  • Cookie market sales in 2022: €2.4 billion
  • Year-on-year growth in the cookie market: 3.7
  • Share of Ferrero sales (Kinder, Nutella, etc.): 7%

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