Turnover: 1 billion USD (2022)

Country: United States

  • Databricks is an open, multi-cloud platform


AI start-ups: the success of Databricks 30/08/2023

  • The potential valuation of Databricks would be $43 billion, according to discussions with T. Rowe Price.
  • The company's previous valuation in 2021 was $38 billion.
  • Databricks' main backers include Microsoft, Google and Amazon
  • Databricks employs over 5,500 people, including around 100 in France.
  • The company passed the billion-dollar mark in annual revenues in its fiscal year ended January 31.
  • Its platform is used by major companies such as Shell, Toyota, HP, Adobe, HSBC, AstraZeneca and SNCF
  • Databricks recently acquired a generative artificial intelligence company, MosaicML, for $1.3 billion. The aim of this acquisition is to reduce the cost of training generative AI models to a few hundred thousand dollars, compared with tens of millions of dollars previously.
  • Databricks has developed its own LLM (large language model), "Dolly"

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