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Country: France

  • Covage is a broadband operator for local authorities, specializing in the deployment, operation and marketing of fiber optics since 2006.
  • In partnership with more than 70 local authorities, Covage today provides technological solutions to meet the very high-speed demand of more than 200 operators serving businesses and public services.
  • Covage's fiber optic networks are open to all operators with the same access conditions and are used to provide business and public services with very high broadband.
  • Since September 30, 2021,Covage has been part of the Altitude group.


COVAGE raises €156M to accelerate its development plan 31/01/2023

  • Covage is the 3rd largest telecom infrastructure operator on the fiber optic business market in France.
  • More than 200 operators rely on Covage networks.
  • Covage has 20 local agencies and over 300 employees.
  • Acquisition of Covage by the Altitude Group in September 2021.
  • Multi-year investment plan of 150 million euros for Covage.
  • Coverage of 40% of French businesses with dedicated fiber (FTTO) and 50% with shared fiber (FTTH Pro) by Covage to date.
  • 40 new metropolises to be connected to fiber by Covage by the end of 2023.

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