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Country: France

Côte d'Or specializes in the manufacture of top-quality chocolate. Founded in Belgium in 1883, it is renowned for its expertise in the art of chocolate making.

Côte d'Or is committed to using the finest ingredients and traditional chocolate-making techniques to create products with a rich, intense taste.

Côte d'Or offers a wide range of products

Côte d'Or has become an internationally recognized brand


Côte d'Or celebrates 140 years 20/03/2023

  • Belgians now consume 125 million mignonettes a year.
  • The Côte d'Or brand celebrates its 140th anniversary.
  • Appartinet to the Mondelez Group
  • 70% of Belgians recognize the Côte d'Or taste in a blind taste test
  • Sales of 150 million euros in Belgium alone, with the same potential in France
  • The virtuous circuit of the entire cocoa chain improves the daily lives of 200,000 farmers, mainly in Côte d'Ivoire, which is now the brand's main supplier country.

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