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Country: France

Organization whose mission is to help the cultivation and production of almonds in the south of France


Relocation of the arboricultural sector 30/06/2023

  • Arnaud Montebourg tackles the relocation of the almond industry in France
  • Compagnie des Amandes (CDA) has raised 10.2 million euros to finance the planting of orchards.
  • 210 hectares have already been planted, and more than double that number should be planted by the end of the year.
  • CDA plans to capture part of the production from some 2,000 hectares of almond plantations scattered among some 1,000 southern growers.
  • CDA hopes to process 20% of the national crop (300 tonnes) by next year, and half by 2030.
  • CDA's own production is estimated at 2,200 tonnes by 2030.
  • The plant is expected to generate sales of 30 million euros by 2030.

Compagnie des amandes to set up a nutcracker in the Var region 29/06/2023

  • La Compagnie des amandes, a company created in 2018.
  • Construction of a 7,000 m² building on a 21,000 m² site in Signes (Var).
  • Total investment for the project is 12 million euros
  • The company plans to process its own almonds in three or four years.
  • For its first campaign, the company plans to absorb 20% of the national harvest, or 300 tons.

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