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Country: United Kingdom

Colart, is a leading international supplier of art materials, with subsidiaries and brands including Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Lefranc & Bourgeois. Its head office is based in London.

Founded in 1992, the Colart Group has ten production sites spread across the UK, France and China.

In 2017, Colart became the principal owner of Elephant Art, publisher of the art magazine Elephant.

Colart's brands are at the heart of its business, with a unique heritage dating back to the 18th century.

At the same time, Colart constantly adapts to the changing needs of artists by enhancing the performance of its product ranges through the application of the latest technologies available.

Today, Colart is the world leader in materials for artists and, through its brands, offers a true source of inspiration.


ColArt, world leader in its field 21/04/2022

  • ColArt is the world leader in the art paint market.
  • Sales of certain products, such as water-based paint, expanded during the Covid-19 epidemic.
  • more than 310 employees, not counting seasonal workers.
  • ColArt has already set itself the goal of developing more eco-responsible products, in particular those that are less toxic.
  • The company is a partner of numerous cultural venues and patron of the FIAA (Fond International d'Art Actuel).
  • An exhibition of pieces from the company's collection is planned for 2023.

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