Turnover: 0.7 million EUR (2015)

Country: France

The Clinique Vétérinaire des Barques is located in the Loire department, and takes care of pets and livestock.

Founded in 2009, Vetup specializes in IT consulting, services and maintenance. It is a software publisher and IT services company, best known in the sector for its software designed for veterinary practitioners to manage their business.

Vetup's online veterinary software operates on a cloud-based system that requires no special installation, and is available on any device connected to the Internet.

The clinic takes out a subscription with a price that varies according to the number of users.

The mobile application version of this software can be used to connect the veterinary clinic's website to the application, to view articles written by practitioners or conference videos, or to communicate on the actions of the veterinary surgeon's association if he or she has one.

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