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Country: France

Patrick Roger is a renowned French chocolatier-sculptor. He is considered one of France's most renowned chocolatiers, alongside Pierre Hermé, Jean-Paul Hévin and Pierre Marcolini.

Nicknamed the "Rodin of chocolate", he is known for his animal sculptures, abstract works and subtle chocolate creations.

In addition to chocolate, he also works in metal, and regularly exhibits his creations in Paris and around the world.

Patrick Roger has eleven boutiques, including eight in Paris, one in Sceaux, one in Saint-Germain-en-Laye and one in Moscow. Each of his stores is adorned with bespoke chocolate artworks and sculptures.

He works with his team in a vast workshop in Sceaux, where some 50,000 chocolates are produced every day during the Christmas and Easter periods.

among his iconic creations is L'Amazone, a dark chocolate bonbon containing a semi-liquid lime caramel. He also offers chocolate bars, "Brut" creations based on almonds or hazelnuts, and wines made from Syrah grapes at his Trouillas vineyard, under the IGP Côtes Catalane appellation.


Chocolatier Patrick Roger in Paris 27/01/2023

  • Patrick Roger is an artisan chocolatier and sculptor
  • A dozen stores in Paris.
  • Around 60 employees.

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