Turnover: 1.2 million EUR (2022)

Country: France

  • Laboratoire Cerba has been operating in the specialized medical biology market in France and internationally since 1967, the year it was founded.
  • Cerba HealthCare is a leading international medical biology group with five synergistic and complementary businesses.
    • Specialized medical biology centered on Laboratoire Cerba (Paris region),
    • Local medical biology with a network of over 450 medical biology laboratories and 150 sampling centers in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy,
    • Veterinary biology and genetics, with two laboratories in the Paris and Lyon regions,
    • Clinical trial biology with a network of laboratories on five continents (Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia, China),
    • Diagnostic testing biology with a dedicated technical platform at Laboratoire Cerba
  • 12,000 employees worldwide

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