Turnover: 1.16 billion EUR (2022)

Country: France

  • Vendée agricultural cooperative
  • Employees 1,718 full-time equivalents
  • 130 sites in Vendée, Deux-Sèvres and neighbouring departments
  • 4,755 farms, i.e. 10,000 farmers
  • Plant Division
    • Plant production collection 874,000 tons
    • Seed production 12,150 hectares
    • Vegetables 5,750 hectares
    • Supply 110 M€ turnover
  • Animal Division
    • Marketed feed 478,011 tonnes of which manufactured feed 439,249 tonnes
      • Animals marketed:
        104,500 cattle,172,000 pigs,23,000 lambs/ewes,6.2 M rabbits,7,760 kids,15.6 M poultry, 9.2 M chickens, 803,000 poultry, 2.1 M quail, 237,500 turkeys, 972,000 guinea fowl, 2.3 M ducks, and 103 M eggs.
  • Distribution Division
    • Sales €40.6m
  • Development Division
    • Cavac Biomatériaux €20.5 M
    • Atlantique Alimentaire €31m
    • Bioporc €16m
    • Biofournil €19.5m
    • Catel Roc * €1.8 M
    • Les p'tis amoureux * €3.1 M
    • Olvac* 9 M€
  • Animal nutrition 26,366 tonnes


Cavac creates a foie gras branch 27/12/2023

  • The Vendée-based cooperative group has just integrated another of its local cooperatives, Val de Sèvre, which specializes in duck for foie gras, magret and confits, exclusively for Delpeyrat.
  • Val de Sèvre, which specializes in duck for foie gras, magret and confits, generated sales of €74 million in 2019.
  • Val de Sèvre's sales fell to 34.6 million euros this year.
  • Cavac, another player in the foie gras industry, has forecast sales of 1.2 billion euros for 2023.
  • The 115 farmers of the Val de Sèvre cooperative produced 600,000 head of duck this year, compared with 2.8 million in the middle of the previous decade.
  • With the acquisition of other cooperatives and a grain trader, the Cavac group has added 190 million euros to its sales.

Cavac Biomatériaux's hemp insulation driven by decarbonization of the building industry 19/09/2023

  • Cavac The La Roche-sur-Yon-based agri-food cooperative Cavac grows only 2,000 hectares of hemp in the Vendée and Deux-Sèvres regions
  • 200.000 hectares of potential cultivation
  • Cavac Biomatériaux (60 employees) 23 million euros by June 30, 2023, transforms 15,000 tons of flax and hemp straw into insulating materials every year, and distributes its Biofib product to all retail outlets.
  • A new 12,000 m2 plant is currently under construction in Sainte-Hermine, tripling the company's capacity.
  • The investment represents 27 million euros.
  • The AICB is the association representing French manufacturers producing materials for the construction market from plant biomass (wood, hemp, flax, straw, grass, etc.), animal biomass (sheep's wool) or recycling channels (paper, textiles).
  • According to the AICB, the global market share of biobased insulation has almost doubled, rising from 6% to 11% in less than ten years.

Les Bottées want to feminize Cavac's governance 28/07/2023

  • A quarter (25%) of Cavac's farm managers are women
  • Only 6% of women are represented on the boards of the Vendée agricultural cooperative
  • At national level, women elected to the boards of cooperatives account for 9% of seats
  • The Vendée cooperative has 28 board members, only two of whom are women
  • The cooperative has 4,730 member farms, representing 9,735 men and women farmers (by the end of 2022)
  • The cooperative aims to have 25% women on its Board of Directors
  • A Cavac women's group called Les Bottées, made up of 20 farm managers, aims to promote the feminization of the agricultural professions and encourage women's involvement in decision-making bodies.

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