Turnover: 29.47 million EUR (2020)

Country: Italy

Casadei Pallets works in the production, sorting, repair and valorization of wood waste and scrap in the wood pallet and industrial wood packaging industry. it is among the most important Italian companies in the pallet industry. The evolution from an artisan enterprise in the early 1900s to an industrial group occurs thanks to five factors: family management and cohesion of the nucleus around the well-being of the company; protection of safety at work and guarantee of employment continuity for employees; control of technical and environmental quality of products and services and customer satisfaction; attention to the community (support of Cesena Calcio's sports activities, support for the restoration of artistic monuments in the area); and constant investment in process automation. Companies in the group include : Logi.Ca, NolPal, Casadei Pall ets Production Santerno and Casadei Pallets.

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