Turnover: million EUR (2018)

Country: France

  • Cafeyn is a digital press application, operating under the NAF code for magazine and periodical publishers.
  • All the major newspapers and magazines are available in a single application


Cafeyn organizes itself to pursue its founder's disappearing strategy 20/12/2023

  • Cafeyn is a news streaming platform that aggregates nearly 3,000 international media and integrates an average of one each week
  • Cafeyn has around 2.5 million users in all its markets.
  • Death of its chairman and founder, Ari Assuied
  • The group has grown from around 30 employees to around 200 today.
  • Plans to consolidate the digital kiosk market and internationalize Cafeyn
  • Ongoingacquisition of competitor Readly in non-Scandinavian markets, including France.
  • Bonnier is to acquire 90% of Readly 's capital in order to delist it and enable the sale of its non-Scandinavian activities to Cafeyn (it already owns over 75%).
  • This acquisition will make Cafeyn the leading news distribution platform in Europe
  • Cafeyn, the news streaming platform , is already present in several countries, including the UK and Canada - both of which are experiencing strong growth -, the USA, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands - where Cafeyn acquired rival Blendle in 2020 - and Luxembourg.
  • In France, the arrival of a new competitor, PassPresse, launched by Prisma Media, and the end of the distribution partnership with Canal+ (a subsidiary of Vivendi, like Prisma Media).

Cafeyn founder dies 10/10/2023

  • Cafeyn has 200 employees.
  • Ari Assuied, Cafeyn's founder and CEO, died aged 45 in Israel.
  • LeKiosk, co-founded by Ari Assuied in 2006, became Cafeyn in 2019.
  • Cafeyn is the French market leader in digital press kiosks.
  • Cafeyn has 3 million active users. Cafeyn is in the process of acquiring the activities of its main rival, Readly, in all non-Scandinavian markets (including France).
  • Together, Cafeyn and Readly offer over 7,000 publications worldwide.
  • Prisma Media recently launched a rival service called PassPresse.
  • Canal+ users have lost access to Cafeyn.

The cards are being reshuffled in the digital kiosk market 15/09/2023

  • France's Cafeyn and Sweden's Readly are the main players in the French digital newsstand market
  • Prisma Media enters the market with its PassPresse service, priced at 9.99 euros per month. Around 75% of revenues are paid back to publishers.
  • Cafeyn, launched in 2006, is distributed by telecom operators such as Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free, and offers around 2,500 national, regional and magazine daily press titles for 10.99 euros a month.
  • The company claims 3 million active users.
  • Readly, which belongs to Swedish media conglomerate Bonnier news, defines itself as "Europe's leading online magazine publisher", offers 7,500 titles and has over 450,000 subscribers.
  • It expects to generate sales of around 50 million euros by 2022.
  • In December 2022, Cafeyn signed a partnership agreement with Bonnier News, under which Cafeyn will take over Readly's non-Scandinavian activities, which account for three quarters of the Swedish group's business.
  • The French market is Readly's fourth.
  • The company offers 642 French magazines and 96 newspapers.

Financial Data

DUNS: 888788726


Financial Data:

Year Turnover (€) Net Profit (€) Fiscal Year End Fiscal Year Duration
2018 472 467 242 EUR 288 685 695 EUR 31/12/2018 12
2017 499 671 043 EUR 305 800 225 EUR 31/12/2017 12

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