Turnover: 7 million EUR (2017)

Country: France

  • 1981: Creation of Café Michel: Michel Gélis creates an artisanal roasting workshop in Pessac, in the Gironde region, mainly aimed at hotels, bars and restaurants.
  • 1993: Café Michel is the first French roaster to offer fair trade coffees in France
  • 2011 Café Michel's founder retires.
  • The SCOP Café Michel and ETHIQUABLE create new synergies and renovate the company project by relying on the complementarities of the two structures.
  • The teas, chocolates and sugars that are now sold under the Terra Etica banner highlight the origin of the products: the organic producers' cooperatives supported by a demanding fair trade.
  • The Terra Etica products are from fair trade and small-scale organic farming.

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