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The Beauvillé brand has specialized in printed tablecloths and household linen for over two centuries.

It was in Alsace that the great history of cloth printing was written, long before the decree signed by Louis XV in 1759, which allowed it to flourish, transforming a craft into a prestigious royal industry. In Ribeauvillé, nestled in a valley, the Manufacture d'Impression sur Étoffes has been refining its know-how to perfection for over two centuries.

Today, all Beauvillé production is still made in France, and the brand has held the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label since 2009.


Beauvillé showcases its unique know-how in a museum 01/11/2023

  • The Alsatian textile printing company of Ribeauvillé is located in the Haut-Rhin region of France.
  • This summer, it opened its own museum on its production site.
  • The company employs around 100 people. Beauvillé has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label, and has its own design studio.
  • The company's production is divided between the high-end Beauvillé household linen brand and the production of furnishing fabrics for publishers under the Manufacture d'Impression sur Etoffes (MIE) brand.
  • 75% of the company's production is exported to the USA, Japan, Switzerland and Mexico.
  • The flat-frame printing technique reproduces the effects of original gouache or watercolor drawings on fabrics.

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