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Atradius is a credit insurance company that has been supporting domestic and international trade for over 95 years. Over the years, Atradius has grown both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

In 2001, the merger between Gerling Credit and NCM gave rise to GERLING NCM, which was subsequently renamed Atradius in 2004.

Atradius has become one of the world's leading credit insurance companies, thanks to the involvement of international financial institutions such as Swiss Re, Deutsche Bank, Sal. Oppenheim and Seguros Catalana Occidente.

Today, Atradius offers credit insurance, bonding and collection services in over 50 countries worldwide.

The company is recognized as a trusted provider of credit insurance and continues to support trade by helping companies reduce the financial risks associated with commercial transactions.


"Atradius expands internationally with Pro Kolekt". 07/06/2023

  • Atradius Collections has acquired the Pro Kolekt Group, increasing its presence to 40 countries.
  • Prior to this acquisition, Atradius Collections had recently opened new offices in Dubai and Portugal.
  • Pro Kolekt provides debt collection services in several Balkan countries, including Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia.
  • Atradius Collections offers commercial invoice collection services in 96% of the world's countries.
  • Their services include debtor management outsourcing, legal collections and third-party collections.

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