Turnover: 1 billion USD (2022)

Country: France

  • Asteelflash is a leading electronics manufacturing and supply chain management services company.
  • It has 17 manufacturing sites and over 6,000 employees worldwide.
  • Asteelflash offers co-design and engineering services, as well as mass production for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), Box Build, complete product assembly, varnishing and resin coating, in-situ testing and functional testing.
  • The company focuses on technologically advanced markets with highly complex boards.
  • The company is acquired by USI, an American company
  • Eseseble achieves sales of $7 billion


AsteelFlash acquired by USI. 03/12/2020

  • Amount of transaction between AsteelFlash and USI: $421.48 million
  • Proportion of AsteelFlash capital held by Gilles Benhamou: 27%.
  • Share of USI held by Gilles Benhamou following the transaction: 1.2%.
  • Year of creation of AsteelFlash: 1999.
  • AsteelFlash 2019 sales: approximately $1 billion.
  • AsteelFlash employs 5,200 people worldwide, including 800 in France.
  • AsteelFlash has 17 factories, including six in France.
  • AsteelFlash is ranked number two in Europe for electronics subcontracting, behind Germany's Zollner.
  • Estimated sales for the group formed by AsteelFlash and USI: $7 billion.
  • The new entity will employ 24,000 people at 27 plants in 10 countries.

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