Turnover: 21 million EUR (2022)

Country: France

ARKTEOS has been designing, developing and manufacturing heat pumps for heating and domestic hot water since 2001

A player in the heating market, offering a complete range of aerothermal and geothermal heat pumps designed and produced in France.

Part of the Actidis family group


Heat pumps: how Arkteos, an SME, manages to make a name for itself 18/10/2023

  • Arkteos, a company active in the heat pump (PAC) market.
  • Arkteos, based in Guérande (Loire-Atlantique).
  • Arkteos closed its 2022-2023 financial year with sales of 21 million euros, an increase of 43%.
  • Arkteos employs 50 people and 20 temporary staff. Arkteos has been owned by a Nordic family holding company since 2015, and 20% by management.
  • Expensive water-to-water (geothermal) heat pump products account for a third of its business.
  • Arkteos is the national leader in the water-to-water (geothermal) heat pump niche.
  • Arkteos has established a BtoB strategy, half with installers, plumbers, heating engineers and electricians, and 50% with distributors and cooperatives.
  • Vendée Sanitherm is Arkteos' first customer.
  • Arkteos works with Mitsubishi for the external part of the heat pump.
  • Arkteos is a partner of Equium, a Nantes-based start-up developing a new generation of compressor-free heat pumps.

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