Turnover: 183.6 million EUR (2020)

Country: France

Since its foundation in 1980, Arkopharma has specialized in plant-based medicines. After phytotherapy was recognized by the French Ministry of Health in 1986, Arkopharma went international, distinguishing itself with its 100% plant-based product range. Today, the company is the French and European leader in plant-based medicines and dietary supplements.

In 2010, sales were €175 million, rising to €205 million in 2016. 92% of sales are generated in Europe, particularly France (56%). The largest share of sales is generated by phytotherapy products, which accounted for 91.2 million euros in 2016.[Arkopharma Annual Report 2016]

In the pharmacy dietary supplements market, with 69 million units sold in 2016, Arkopharma holds a 13.5% market share, making it the market leader. Arkopharma is positioned as the undisputed European leader in phytotherapy, with over 40% pharmacy market share.[Arkopharma Annual Report 2016]

The top-selling dietary supplements in 2016 were for: vitality (11.6M units sold), stress (11.4M units sold) and digestion (10.4 units sold).

in 2016, Arkopharma had 52 registrations and marketing authorizations for phytotherapies, issued by the ANSM.

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