Turnover: 100 million EUR (2019)

Country: France

Les Chaussures André is a French footwear production and sales group.

The group was founded over a century ago. In 1896, Albert Lévy started to produce cheap shoes

In addition, the website https://www.cftc-des-salaries-vivarte.fr/actualites-du-groupe5/ says this about the company:"In 2001, the André Group, which now has only 230 stores, changed its name to Vivarte. Vivarte's CEO, Georges Plassat, tried to revive the growth of this discount brand in competition with ÉRAM or Bata, but its new CEO in 2013, Lionel Giraud, chose a new strategy by repositioning the brand on a higher market."

Placed in receivership in April, on August 5, 2020, the André Group and 55 of the 70 stores were taken over by 1Monde9, a company owned by François Feijoo, the company's former president

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