Turnover: 6 million (2022)

Country: France

Amossys is a French company specializing in cybersecurity, founded in 2006. Based in Rennes, it offers a wide range of services designed to strengthen organizations' IT security. Their expertise covers several key areas, such as risk analysis, protection against cyber-attacks, intrusion detection, as well as incident response and penetration testing.

Amossys' approach is focused on research and development, enabling it to deliver innovative, customized solutions to its customers. It is distinguished by its research laboratory, which develops cutting-edge tools and techniques to anticipate and counter emerging threats.

The company works with a wide range of customers, including governmental organizations, private sector companies and public institutions. Amossys is also recognized for its active participation in the cybersecurity community, contributing regularly to conferences and specialized publications.


Cybersecurity: Amossys relies on Europe to gain momentum 21/01/2023

  • Amossys approved in France by Anssi, the national information systems security agency
  • Rennes-based company does not disclose annual sales figures
  • 80 engineers and PhDs in computer science

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