Turnover: 100 million EUR (2020)

Country: France

Isla Délice is the pioneer and leader brand of halal in France, created in 1990. It belongs to the Amalric company and concentrates all of its activities in the production and marketing of halal charcuterie, delicatessen and frozen foods. It acts on the whole chain, from slaughtering to production and integrates its own marketing subsidiaries in France and abroad. At the national level, Isla Délice is distributed in more than 2000 halal butcheries.


Isla delices will produce sausages and hams. 03/05/2022

  • The number one in halal charcuterie has invested 16 million in the complete renovation of a site formerly owned by the Swiss Bell Food Group
  • The brand produces halal dried and cooked poultry hams, as well as cooked sausages and dry sausages.
  • The company produces around 300 deli and delicatessen products
  • The halal charcuterie market is growing by almost 10% every year
  • The plant is located in Saint-André-sur-Vieux-Jonc
  • The plant specializes in the production of dry-cured and cooked poultry hams
  • The company then invested in a production workshop in Neulise, south of Roanne

The brand now holds between 40% and 50% of the halal meat market share: 29% for halal charcuterie, 29% for halal frozen meats. Its turnover has increased by 40% since 2015 to reach 100 million euros today. The brand is constantly innovating, now offering more than 250 references in charcuterie, frozen products, ready meals or baby jars.

In 2018, Isla Délice was sold to Perwyn, a London-based investment company. This should accelerate the brand's international development.

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