Turnover: 206 million EUR (2022)

Country: France

Founded in 1995, Altho is a French SME based in Brittany, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of potato chips. It sells mainly under private labels (Carrefour, Leclerc, Les Mousquetaires, Auchan, U, Casino, Monoprix, Leader Price, Netto...). Altho is developing its range of vegetable potato chips.


Brets to promote fair trade potatoes with Agri-ethics label 07/03/2024

  • - Altho is the French market leader in potato chips.
  • - 100% of Brets brand potato chips will be made from fairly-traded potatoes.
  • - 80% of Altho's potato requirements will be covered by this partnership with Agri-éthique, with the remainder purchased from traders.
  • - Altho was founded in 1995.
  • - Altho has 300 partner farmers.
  • - Agri-éthique was created in 2013 and is a subsidiary of the Cavac agricultural cooperative group.
  • - Agri-éthique has 43 organic and non-organic brands.
  • - Agri-éthique generated sales of 457 million euros.
  • - Brets has a 15% market share (by volume) in France and sales of 280 million euros.
  • - Brets is the second-largest French potato chip brand behind Lays, owned by the PepsiCo group.

Altho Brets invests 100 million euros in third potato chip plant 13/12/2023

  • Altho, the potato chip specialist, is to invest 100 million euros in a third production unit.
  • Altho has a market share of over 15% in France, making it the country's second-largest producer.
  • The French consume an average of 1.3 kg of potato chips per person per year, lower than the European average of 2 kg per person per year.
  • The new plant is designed to produce 15,000 tonnes of product per year, bringing Altho's total production capacity to over 55,000 tonnes of product per year.
  • 40% of potato chips consumed in France are imported.
  • Altho Brets forecasts sales of 275 million euros this year, rising to 205 million euros by 2022.
  • Altho employs over 400 people between its sites in Morbihan and Ardèche.

Altho Brets confirms plans for €100 million plant in Morbihan, France 09/12/2023

  • Altho Brets annual production: 40,000 tonnes of chips.
  • Altho Brets market share: 18% of the French market.
  • Investment announced by Altho Brets: €100 million in a new site.
  • Production capacity of the new site: 15,000 tons of potato chips per year.
  • Number of farmers supplying Altho Brets: 200 farmers.
  • Number of additional farmers needed for new production: 150.
  • Total number of Altho Brets employees: over 400.
  • Company sales in 2022: 206 million euros.
  • Percentage of potato chips consumed in France that are imported: 40%. Altho Brets: started operations in 1995.

Altho Brets invests €100 million in a new chip plant 02/12/2023

  • Altho Brets investment: €100 million
  • Year of construction of third potato chip plant: end 2025 in Pontivy, Morbihan
  • Production capacity of the new plant: 15,000 tonnes of potato chips per year Percentage of potato chips consumed in France that are imported: 40%
  • Current number of employees: 336
  • Number of jobs likely to be created by the project: 40 by 2030.

Altho: Brets, the potato chip brand that whispers to its young buyers 08/10/2023

  • The potato chips market has been growing by 3% a year in volume since 2020 65% of senior citizens eat potato chips
  • The penetration rate of potato chips among young people is 95%
  • The potato chips market represents almost 80,000 tonnes, of which 41,500 tonnes are produced by Altho
  • New factory to be built next to Altho's historic site

Chips manufacturer Altho is currently expanding its plant in Morbihan. 09/03/2023

  • Family-owned company holds 45% of the French market (40,970 tonnes of potato chips)
  • Products sold under private labels and own brands
  • Altho plans to build a new 29,000 m² site
  • The company works with 300 producers
  • The salt used comes from the Guérande salt marshes
  • 206 million in sales by 2022 Around 400 employees

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