Turnover: million EUR ()

Country: France

Alizée Soft develops and implements software for harbors - including marinas - to improve the management of harbor activities. Alizée Soft develops port management software, which handles both ingress and egress to and from marinas, as well as the administrative management generated by these flows. In 2013, Alizée Soft supplied its management software to 115 of the 300 or so marinas in France.

Its activity is relatively threatened by the creation of management software by marina operators themselves (VEGA 360 by Port Adhoc, for example).

april 11, 2021 - Alizée Soft continues to implement its software in marinas - source (L'indépendant)

  • Niche sector, Alizée Soft holds 70% of the market
  • Implementation in harbor master's offices on Reunion Island
  • In the face of the health crisis, Alizée Soft maintains its development and the creation of new contracts

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