Turnover: 30 million EUR (2017)

Country: France

Founded in 2008 in France by Florent Steiner and Manuel Conejo and operated by GEBadoptAGuy since 2014.

Adopt-A-Mec empowers women, giving them free access to the site while it is paid for by men. This should make it possible to achieve parity, a rare feature in dating sites.

The site uses an offbeat tone to make it easier for users to break the ice, with men trying to get in touch with women using "charms" for example.

The group is experiencing a rapid success with 250,000 subscribers in 2007 which will increase to 10 million subscribers in 2015, including about 560,000 unique visitors according to Capital in 2016. That same year, the concept was exported to 9 countries: Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.

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