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Country: France

45-8 ENERGY is the first company in Europe dedicated to the exploration and eco-responsible production of helium and natural hydrogen.


45-8 Energy in search of helium and hydrogen 27/11/2023

  • 45-8 Energy is a company co-founded by Nicolas Pélissier, formerly of Total.
  • The company has raised 32 million euros since its creation in 2017, including 20 million euros last April.
  • The company's first helium deposit will be mined in the Nièvre region, with industrial production scheduled for 2027.
  • The company already has two sites, capable of supplying 30% of the helium needs of French industry.
  • An exploration permit has been obtained at Grand Rieu (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) for hydrogen production, with the potential to supply tens of thousands of metric tons every year.
  • 45-8 Energy is planning a colossal investment, estimated at over one billion euros.
  • The company, which has 32 employees, is aiming for sales of 125 million euros by 2030, three-quarters of which will be generated by helium sales and the remainder by hydrogen.

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