The objective of this partnership is to regular publication of articles on the YouGov site that will decipher the economic trends of a market.

On the basis of exclusive investigations conducted by YouGov Businesscoot analysts will analyze market trends and illustrate them graphically in an article published on the YouGov website.

This data provided by YouGov allows Businesscoot experts to add an additional level of analysis of demand in a market and to refine the economic forecasts with the results of the survey.

The survey data will be in addition to the data already available in the Businesscoot market research study

This partnership provides a graphic, numerical and complete vision of market trends

Check out our first joint publication on the motorhome market in France.

Why this partnership is important to us:

  • Because this partnership allows Businesscoot's analysts to have access to exclusive data in a niche market which reinforces Businesscoot's position as a leader in micro-sector market research.
  • Because the result of this collaboration makes it possible to propose a synthetic vision adapted to the needs of marketing directors, SME managers, consultants and investors.

About YouGov

Founded in London in 2000, YouGov is an international market research institute but also a data company offering global and innovative solutions dedicated to brands

YouGov has one of the largest proprietary panels in the world: nearly 10 million panelists - including 350,000 in France.

YouGov offers insights to its clients collected in real and continuous time These can be accessed via our simple and intuitive online platform: Crunch. A dedicated team is also present from the design of the questionnaire to the deliverables.

All YouGov data are connected allowing a holistic approach and a granularity of analysis unique in the market.

About Businesscoot

Businesscoot offers concise and clear market research on more than 800 markets in France and Europe. Using structured data and an innovative methodology, our analysts condense into 40 pages the information essential to a good understanding of a sector.