Turnover: 1.1 million EUR (2022)

Country: France

River logistics specialist


River logistics: ULS aims to increase its number of home ports 30/08/2023

  • ULS generates sales of 1.1 million euros with 31 employees.
  • The company started in Strasbourg in 2020, moving to Lyon in 2022, then Mulhouse in 2023.
  • 22 cities in France have been identified as potential markets for expansion.
  • ULS has a shipyard in Portugal to develop standardized boats.
  • The transport capacity of their boats is 680 pallets.
  • ULS has identified 39 kilometers of small-gauge waterways in the Strasbourg metropolitan area for expansion.
  • The company is developing inland waterway logistics for shipyards, in collaboration with other companies such as FEHR.

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