Turnover: 1 billion EUR (2020)

Country: Thailand

Created in 1932, Petit Navire is a French seafood specialist

In addition to salmon, Petit Navire produces tuna, mackerel, sardines and salads.

Petit Navire offers smoked salmon from Norway, Scotland, Alaska, as well as organic smoked salmon and other salmon products

In 2014, the company announced the opening of a new R


Petit Navire improves its market share in canned fish 23/05/2022

  • Petit Navire is gaining ground in the French canned fish market.
  • The canned fish market has returned to its pre-Covid state
  • The company holds 5% of the canned fish market
  • Investments in its Douarnenez plant of 1.5 million euros
  • The objective is to grow by 12%, i.e. 3 million additional cans
  • Large employer in Brittany, 200 in Douarnenez and 600 in Quimper
  • Acquisitions: MerAlliance purchased in 2015 - smoked salmon and trout), acquired in 2015

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