Turnover: 30.7 billion EUR (2022)

Country: Germany

  • German family-owned group, European leader in the distribution of pharmaceutical products to pharmacies and healthcare establishments
  • 45,000 employees in 29 countries, 224 pharmaceutical wholesaler-distributors and stockists, as well as over 3,200 own pharmacies and 17,000 partner pharmacies.
  • A subsidiary of the German PHOENIX Pharmahandel group, PHOENIX Pharma france is France's fourth-largest wholesaler-distributor, with an 8% market share. The company has 22 branches throughout France.
  • PHOENIX Pharma SA is the majority shareholder of the Ivrylab pharmaceutical purchasing group (85%), and of the Plus Pharmacie SA pharmacists' group (74%), which currently has almost 800 members and includes the two PharmaVie and PharmaVie Essencia banners.
  • The group has acquired the leading distributor Francis OCP

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