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Country: France

Mutuelle Mare Gaillard (MMG) is the first and only Antilles-Guyane mutual insurance company to be part of the VYV Group. This mutual benefits from quality protection guaranteed by the largest mutual group in France.

Present in the French West Indies for over 85 years

mMG has 10 branches to welcome its members and a team of 54 employees


MMG: a restructuring plan for international competitivenessMMG : International competitiveness 14/12/2020

Restructuring and reorganization plan for Mutuelle Mare Gaillard.

Reduction of 8 positions within the structure.

Sector undergoing rapid change and highly competitive environment.

Objective to reduce management costs over 5 years.

savings of around 1 million euros expected.

Renewal and rejuvenation of membership portfolio.

Malfunctions reported by KSDM.

Management of the mutual by Harmonie Mutuelle.

KSDM collective supports members who have been deregistered.

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