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Country: France

Created in 2008 by and for civil servants, Intériale is a mutual insurance company offering health and provident cover to civil servants, in particular those in the local civil service, and in the Ministries of the Interior, the Armed Forces, Justice and National Education.

450,901 people protected

415 employees in 45 branches

Intériale is also recognized as the leading mutual insurer for the French Ministry of the Interior


Intériale profits to fall in 2022 07/04/2023

Key figures to remember for a market study on Intériale Mutuelle:

Sales 2022: up 3.2%.

Net income 2022: 700,000 euros (versus 32 million euros in 2021 and 7 million in 2020).

Net income 2021 excluding LMDE effect: 3.4 million euros.

Net financial income 2022: 10.1 million euros (up 2.6 million euros on 2021).

SCR coverage ratio 2022: 160.4% (down 15.2 points).

2022 sales excluding acceptances: 279.9 million euros (up 2.3%).

Drop in overall sales due to the end of the partnership with Lamie Mutuelle: 13.2 million euros.

Increase in individual contract membership: 5,200.

Increase in group insurance membership: 5,100.

No increase in individual insurance rates in 2021 and 2022.

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