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Country: France

  • MGEN, Mutuelle Générale de l'Education Nationale, is a French health, provident and insurance mutual that is part of the VYV group.
  • It is the leading mutual insurer in the civil service and the second largest player in individual healthcare in France.
  • with 75 years of expertise in health, MGEN has 4 million members and 10,000 employees.


Health insurance: hospital mutuals to work with MGEN and Groupama 23/06/2023

  • Three leading players (MNH, MGEN and Groupama) have joined forces to bid for future health insurance contracts for hospital civil servants.
  • MGEN is the leading mutual insurer for civil servants, with 4.2 million active and retired policyholders.
  • MNH intends to position itself in certain government ministries.

Health insurance: MGEN to cut 800 jobs 24/10/2022

Two-thirds of teachers are equipped by MGEN via individual contracts

MGEN is the leading insurer for the civil service and the second largest individual health insurer in France

MGEN has 2 million individual policyholders (4 million with their families)

The reform of supplementary social protection (PSC) for civil servants was adopted last year

MGEN announces the elimination of 800 positions from its 5,000-strong insurance workforce

The plan includes 330 departures from "service centers".

Around a thousand positions could be eliminated between 2021 and 2026

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