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Country: France

Brasserie Fondamentale is a micro-brewery founded in 2016 in the capital's 11th arrondissement. In 2018, 4 different beers see the light of day: Pale Ale (Blonde), Dubbel (Amber), Bière de blé (Blanche) and IPA (Indian Pale Ale). In 2020, the company expands and builds a building in the Loiret region to brew its own beers. This also enables the brewers to be close to the farmers who grow the cereals needed to produce the beers. The company has also opened two bars in Paris.


Brasserie Fondamentale in Nangeville inaugurated and an extension already planned 29/03/2022

  • Created in 2016, Les Nouveaux Brasseurs inaugurated La Brasserie Fondamentale on March 29, and are already launching an extension that will require a further investment of almost 3 million euros
  • 2.5 million bottles produced by 2021
  • Nangeville brewery now handles 80% of supply
april 21, 2020 - Fundamental beer in troubled waters following Covid - source(L'auvergnat de Paris)
  • Founder Marc Charpentier has had to suspend the opening of a bar in Bordeaux and a brewery in the Loiret region.
  • During the Covid, 95% of his sales were lost.
  • They reacted by positioning themselves on home delivery sites such as Kol, Cajoo, j'aimemonbistrot...

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