Turnover: billion USD ()

Country: United Kingdom

HSBC Private Bank is the private banking subsidiary of the British HSBC Group, which dates back to 1865 and today has over 60 million customers worldwide. The HSBC Group employs 235,000 people worldwide, including around 11,700 in France. The group achieved sales of $56 billion in 2019.

With $352 billion in assets under management worldwide, HSBC Private Bank is one of the world's leading private banks. It is present in 43 countries through its 96 branches. The company has developed a quantitative analysis system that takes into account more than 3,000 risk factors in order to better advise its clients.

november 14, 2017 - HSBC Private Bank convicted by French courts - source(Les Echos)

  • The company is found guilty of tax fraud
  • Court implements first judicial public interest agreement
  • HSBC Private Bank must pay 300 million euros to avoid trial without admitting guilt
  • Bank allegedly evaded nearly 1.7 billion euros in taxes

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