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Country: Germany

"Fauna Topics" Zoobedarf, Zucht- und Handels-GmbH is a company specializing in the field of zoo supplies, animal breeding and animal trade. The company offers a wide range of products and services for zoos, animal parks, animal breeders and animal lovers.

As a supplier of zoo supplies, "Fauna Topics" has an extensive range of items that are essential for the care and welfare of animals in zoological institutions. These include high-quality pet food, cages, terrariums, enclosure equipment, nesting boxes, drinkers, toys and much more. The company places great emphasis on the quality and safety of its products to meet the needs and requirements of animals.

In addition, "Fauna Topics" also offers services in the field of animal breeding. The company assists breeders in the selection of suitable breeding animals, optimization of breeding programs, health monitoring and care of offspring. It works closely with experienced animal breeders and veterinarians to ensure that breeding stock is healthy, genetically diverse and sustainable.

As a trading company, "Fauna Topics" also facilitates trade in various animal species. In doing so, the company places great emphasis on compliance with legal regulations and the protection of endangered species. It works with international organizations and authorities to ensure that animal trade is in line with applicable regulations and species protection.

"Fauna Topics" takes a responsible approach and is committed to animal welfare and species-appropriate husbandry. The company promotes conscious behavior in dealing with animals and supports the preservation of endangered species as well as the protection of their natural habitats.

With many years of experience, expertise and a dedicated team, "Fauna Topics" offers zoo operators, animal breeders and animal lovers comprehensive solutions and reliable service. The company helps to improve animal welfare, promote species conservation and raise awareness of the respectful treatment of animals.

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