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Country: France

Dagobear is a French brand of men's underwear created in 2010, with a boutique in Paris.


Arthur acquires Dagobear 05/03/2020

Here are the key figures relevant to market research:

Spring-Summer 2020 collection: switch to 100% organic or recycled materials for the design of its underwear, garments, pyjamas and packaging.

42 stores in the Arthur boutique network, including some 15 affiliates.

Average store size: 40 m².

3 to 4 store openings planned by the end of the year.

400 retailers in France, 70 in Belgium.

Takeover of Dagobear, the French underwear brand.

Sales breakdown: 70% men, 25% women, 5% children.

Sales in 2019: €15 million, up 6% on the previous year.

Growth target for the current year: between 15 and 20%.

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