Turnover: 46 million EUR (2021)

Country: Italy

CRIF Real Estate Services (RES) is the CRIF Group's line specializing in the provision of services in real estate. The offerings of CRIF RES include solutions for real estate appraisal and property information retrieval and management.

In the field of real estate appraisals, CRIF RES draws on the support of more than 500 professional real estate appraisers enrolled in the registers of Surveyors, Engineers or Architects, through a network distributed throughout the country, and processes about 100,000 appraisal reports per year.

Real estate appraisals provided by CRIF Real Estate Services are 85 percent performed by appraisers with ISO 17024 accredited certification. In addition, in the real estate information market, CRIF RES has been operating nationwide for more than 20 years and performs more than 400,000 property surveys per year.

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