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Country: Germany

Catch-Your-Bug is a company that specializes in providing high quality insect products. The company offers a diverse selection of edible insects, insect powders, and insect accessories for home consumption and commercial purposes.

Catch-Your-Bug sources its insects from trusted breeders who adhere to strict quality and sustainability standards. The insects are carefully bred, fed and treated to ensure they are free of contaminants and provide the highest nutritional quality.

Catch-Your-Bug's product line includes a variety of edible insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms and buffalo worms. These insects can be enjoyed raw or prepared and offer a protein-rich alternative to traditional meat. The company also offers insect powder, which can be used as an ingredient in various recipes to improve nutritional intake.

In addition, Catch-Your-Bug offers insect supplies such as terrariums, food and books to help people raise insects themselves or learn more about the subject. The company emphasizes education and outreach about the benefits of insects as a sustainable source of protein and their contribution to environmental sustainability.

Catch-Your-Bug is committed to providing high quality insect products and promoting awareness of the many uses of insects in the diet. The company places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and provides reliable service. With its commitment to quality, sustainability and education, Catch-Your-Bug has established itself as a trusted source for insect products.

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