Turnover: 120 million EUR (2020)

Country: France

Cafpi is a company created in 1971, among the leaders on the market of the brokerage in real loan in France.

Cafpi allows the customers to obtain very advantageous rates near the banks thanks to the important volume of loans which it brings to its partner banks.

The company joined forces with the other brokerage companies Empruntis, Meilleurtaux and AB Courtage to create the Association professionnelle des intermédiaires en crédit (APIC), which at the time claimed a 35% share of the brokerage market in France.

Cafpi, specialized in the real-estate credit and the insurance borrower, was preparing to yield the control of the company to the French fund BlackFin Capital Partners in 2021 [ Argus de l'assurance ].


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