Turnover: 22 million EUR (2021)

Country: France

This brewery in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region was founded in 1926 and has been owned by the eponymous family since 1966. The brewery produced 95,000 hectoliters of beer in 2018, including 10,000 liters from an organic hop farm.

The company offers 18 recipes in its range of beers, including the certified alcohol-free Jade 0.0%, which is aiming to become France's leading organic beer in this fast-growing segment.

The company has posted average sales growth of 20% in value terms over the last five years.

In 2019, 1.1 million euros has been earmarked for the purchase of four additional maturation tanks, installed earlier this month. This will enable the company to increase its production of long-keeping beers by 4,000 hl. The company aims to better address the wine merchant and café-hotel-restaurant segment (25% of volumes, versus 55% in supermarkets and hypermarkets).

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