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Country: France

Boticinal is a pharmaceutical group offering a range of top brands, some of them exclusive, through its pharmacies and online sales site.

With 37 pharmacies across France, Boticinal's online store offers 24/7 service, making it one of the leaders in online parapharmacy sales.


Groupement Dynamis and Boticinal: Increased proximity 16/02/2022

  • Dynamis brings together some forty pharmacies in eastern France.
  • Dynamis pools purchases from some sixty laboratories and manufacturers of healthcare products.
  • Boticinal is one of France's leading pharmacy chains, with a network of thirty mega-pharmacies and its e-parapharmacy site Powersanté.
  • Boticinal is aiming for 50 pharmacies by 2022 and 150 by 2025.
  • Boticinal invested in e-commerce in 2009 with the creation of powersante.com, expected to generate sales of 15 to 20 million euros by 2020.
  • Boticinal pharmacies are located in highly commercial urban areas (towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants), with average annual sales of 10 million euros.
  • Examples of other mergers in the pharmaceuticals sector: Univers Pharmacie has joined forces with Le Gall Santé Services in 2020, and with Direct Labo Santé in 2021. Agir Pharma is an example of a regional network in consolidation.

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