Turnover: 140 million EUR (2019)

Country: Italy

The company's history dates back to 1933, when Alfonso Bialetti developed an aluminum coffee maker in his Piedmontese metal workshop, the Moka Express, in which pressurized steam is used to brew ground coffee. The success of this "Italian coffee maker" spread throughout Italy and Europe after the Second World War. From 1954 onwards, the company extended its range to include small coffee-related appliances (blenders, grinders, etc.) and various kitchen accessories.

since the 2000s, Bialetti has acquired a number of competitors (Rondine, Girmi, CEM, Aeternum, etc.) to become Bialetti Industrie. The group developed its own coffee machines, notably the 2006 release of the "Mokona" with its innovative trivalent functionality (capsules, pods and ground coffee), and in 2010 a range of "I CAFFÈ D'ITALIA" capsules compatible with their machines.

In 2007, Bialetti gave life to its project to create a network of BIALETTI-branded stores, opening eight points of sale in major Italian cities, such as Brescia, Firenze, Milano, Parma, Perugia, Pescara and Torino, the network has since grown to over 180 stores in Italy and abroad.

Financial Data

DUNS: 398337477



Number of employees: Entre 10 et 19 salariés (2018)

Capital: 7 018 050 EUR

Financial Data:

Year Turnover (€) Net Profit (€) Fiscal Year End Fiscal Year Duration
2018 3 851 349 EUR -7 437 609 EUR 31/12/2018 12
2017 6 930 780 EUR 240 121 EUR 31/12/2017 12
2016 8 031 310 EUR 435 871 EUR 31/12/2016 12
2015 6 172 004 EUR 347 582 EUR 31/12/2015 12

Company Managers:

Position First Name Last Name Age Linkedin
Gérant Egidio COZZI 57

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