Turnover: 4.6 million EUR (2021)

Country: Italy

Better Life Italia is a company specializing in the design, production and marketing of water treatment and purification systems and solutions. The company focuses on providing products and services that ensure pure and safe water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use.

Better Life Italy offers a wide range of products and technologies, including: filtration systems, water softeners, reverse osmosis, UV sterilizers, dosing and metering systems, and wastewater treatment plants. The company is committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to energy conservation and pollution reduction.

The results on water purification achieved by Better Life Italy are remarkable. Through the use of advanced technologies and attention to product quality, the company is able to provide purified and safe water for human consumption and for various industrial and agricultural applications. This results in a reduction of contaminants in the water, such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals and polluting particles, thus ensuring cleaner and healthier water for customers.

In addition, Better Life Italia is committed to promoting awareness of the importance of water treatment and providing technical support and advice to customers to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of the systems and solutions provided.